Entrance Matting

Whether you’re fitting out a high-rise apartment building, a retail shopping centre, or even a stately home, quality entrance matting is a must. In addition to looking great, they can also help prevent dirt and water from being tracked through your building. You’ll be getting excellence floor protection for one of the busiest areas in any building, and you’ll be making cleaning and maintenance far easier in the future.

Outdoor Rubber Mats

Entrance Matting Outdoor

Built to complement their indoor counterparts, outdoor rubber mats are designed to serve many purposes.

Entrance Matting Indoor

Entrance Matting Indoor

Similar to the standard outdoor mats, our heavy duty entrance mats are built to last.

Logo Mats

Logo Mats

Do you want to promote your business and keep your workplace clean and tidy at the same time?

With so many applications, entrance matts in Melbourne are a great asset for any business. Whether you’re promoting your company’s product or warmly greeting your customers, bespoke matting is sure to impress.

If you have a special request or design that you’re looking for, then our custom entrance mats are the perfect choice. With your logo or marketing message, you can get maximum brand exposure for your business. Our mats can also be made to fit any area, and come with anti-trip safety bevelled edges on all sides to ensure customer and employee safety is at the forefront of the design process.

Whatever you choose, you can rest assured your whole building will benefit as a result. Commercial entrance mats will remove the dirt, mud, water and other debris from the shoes of your staff and clients, which will keep the floors throughout your building cleaner for longer. We’ve found up to 85% of the dirt in the workplace is bought in through the front door, and floor mats can stop most of it coming through.

You’ll even see an improvement in air quality and overall health of the building. The right matting can increase your indoor air quality by reducing exposure to trekked in hazardous particles and chemicals.

It’s hard to think that a simple front door mat can make so much difference, but it’s true. Not only will you be creating a safer, healthier, and cleaner indoor space, you’ll even be advertising your business at the same time. Improve your overall aesthetics with our range of custom coir and rubber mats – you’ll be helping your business to really make a statement.